When his best friend and creative partner suddenly couples off and moves away, an ambitious New York drag queen determined for the limelight must reinvent himself or risk becoming an irrelevant solo act both on stage and off. 



Memorial Day to Labor Day

New York - Fire Island - Philadelphia - Provincetown

Though the film takes place in present day, it will be shot mostly in black and white to evoke the timelessness of the story of platonic friendships amongst gay men.


meet the team


Todd Flaherty

Todd is an award winning actor, writer, and director best know for his series Undetectable

With Chrissy Judy, Todd's first feature film, he intends on continuing his mission to tell the stories of queer folk who are underrepresented on screen.


Although working with LGBT and non-binary actors is an essential part of creating this world, Todd is thrilled to be working alongside Mark and Monica, who are equally committed to rounding out the creative team to be all inclusive of gender, race, age, and orientation. Todd sees this, not only as an opportunity to tell a beautifully complicated story about friendship, but also as platform for under-represented talent to shine both on screen and off.


Monica O'Hara

Monica is a film and commercial producer based in Los Angeles. She began her career in New York producing digital campaigns and advertisements for high fashion and luxury clients across the US and internationally.

Monica believes that films inspire and connect people by carrying viewers into a world that is different than his/her own. Having an urge to pursue narrative filmmaking, Monica relocated from New York to Los Angeles where she has produced and directed numerous shorts and documentary pieces, as well as continuing to work in commercial fashion. She is currently in pre-production for two features this year.


Mark Davis

Mark is a bringer of energy and light, infusing ideas and positivity into every situation. He is also a cinematographer with an eye for iconic imagery and an imagination that has transformed ordinary commercials, globe trotting documentaries, and feature films into EXTRAordinary. 


His work has allowed him to travel extensively, help communities overseas, and concurrently shoot for high end fashion brands. Having finished a string of feature films in upstate New York, Mark is excited to be working on such a rich and visually dramatic film alongside Todd & Monica.


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